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Group of young people

Community involvement in Sweden

Young Jobs

Swed Bank and the Savings Banks started Young Jobs in 2009 with the purpose to help introduce unemployed young people to the labor market. To offer them contacts and that first job experience that is so crucial for future employment. The power behind Young Jobs comes from engagement from the business world, municipality and the Swedish Public Employment Service. By offering internships ourselves, as well as involving our corporate customers, Swed Bank contributes to narrowing the gap between the young unemployed and employers. Through this experience, the interns gain work experience and an important line in their résumé.
Young Jobs has created about 11 000 internships. About 30% of the about 1200 interns at Swed Bank are now employed. 

Young Jobs

Young Economy 

Young Economy is a programme with the aim to educate young people in private finance matters. The program has been developed by the Swedish Institute of Private Finance.
A program for schools to use in class has been developed together with the Savings banks. The program contains both teaching materials and educational tools. The purpose is to promote a sound and sustainable financial situation early in life.

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement gives school students knowledge in how business and the working life function. Under professional guidance, the students start miniature businesses in which they create and market real products. With Junior Achievement, Swed Bank gets the opportunity to encourage entrepreneurial thinking in Swedish youth. Through this long term support of societal growth and entrepreneurship, it is possible for us to cooperate with Swedish schools as well. We support them through business knowledge and industry contacts. Junior Achievement is a part of the solution on how to teach students about entrepreneurship.

Junior Achievement Sweden


Swed Bank is one of the main sponsors of the Friends Foundation, whose mission is to prevent bullying and offensive behavior at Swedish schools and youth sports clubs. Their methods include training, coaching and follow-ups. Friends is the largest anti-bullying organization in Sweden.
Swed Bank has decided to donate the naming rights of Swed Bank Arena to Friends. The arena will be renamed Friends Arena. With the unique decision, Swed Bank continues its long-term youth effort and develops the bank’s social engagement. 




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