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Swed Bank stories

Financial innovation is not about money, it is about people. Here you will find movies about some of our societal engagements.

Swed Bank Robur - Asset Manager with Strong Commitment to Corporate Governance

Swed Bank Robur is one of the largest, leading asset managers in the Nordic region and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Swed Bank. This movie is about Corporate Governance and the importance of being an active and responsible owner. Among others, you'll hear Marianne Nilsson, acting CEO and Head of Corporate Governance at Swed Bank Robur, talk about the subject.

A Job at Last - An Initiative to Reduce Alienation in Swedish Labor Market

The industry needs to recruit well-trained staff with work experience. Yet thousends of qualified people are shut out of the labor market. A Job at Last is an initiative from Swed Bank and the Swedish Public Employment Service to do something about it. In this movie, you'll meet some of the first trainees in the program.

Speed dating for employment

Swed Bank and the Savings Banks started Young Jobs in 2009, with the purpose to help introduce unemployed young people to the labor market. To offer them contacts and that first job experience that is so crucial for future employment. The power behind Young Jobs comes from engagement from the business world, municipality and the Swedish Public Employment Service. This movie was shot during a speed dating event between 600 unemployed young people aged 18-24 and 160 employers.

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