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Swed Bank in Society

Swed Bank’s mission statement includes the bank acting as a positive force in society. It is therefore natural that the group is involved in various community projects, local as well as across borders. While the projects differs in purpose, extent and geography, the goal remains the same – to be a good corporate citizen that strengthens society and its individual members.

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Social engagement has played a key role through Swed Bank’s history. The first savings bank was founded in 1820 to help the general public save and achieve long-term financial security. As a major bank, we are part of and are affected by everything that happens in society. We are engaged in social issues such as education, youth unemployment and entrepreneurship. Positive development in these areas is important for society’s development as well as for the bank’s business.

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    Private economy

    Swed Bank monitor areas that are important for private finances. We analyze and examine how policy decisions and changes in circumstances affecting individuals and households, and work actively to educate the public about personal finance and savings.

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    Youths and economy

    We are engaged in social issues as education, youth unemployment and entrepreneurship. Initiatives that help young people to be financially sustainable is important for society's development as well as for the bank's business.

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    Swed Bank Stories

    Financial innovation is not about money, it is about people. Here you will find movies about some of our societal engagements.


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