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Private finances for the general public with the younger generation in focus

Financial literacy is part of Swed Bank’s Public Affairs. Our mission is to make it easy for private persons to take decisions leading to safer existence and better economy. The goal for Swed Bank and Savings Banks in Sweden is to be perceived as the obvious speaking partner at the times of major life events that affect every individual’s private finances and new business relations in the long run.

Private finances contain a lot of areas that we are watching: social insurances; pensions; study grants; cost of living; taxes; savings, loans, insurances; contractual insurances and family law. We always looks into financial issues and makes estimates from the individual’s point of view. It educates – lift the general public’s financial knowledge by writing newspaper articles directed to consumers as well as writing and commenting on Swed Bank’s internal and external web-sites with educational purposes.

The lucky coin

Targeting the younger public is the quarterly publication Lyckoslanten (”The Lucky Coin”). Lyckoslanten has been published since 1926 and distributed by Swed Bank and some independent Savings Banks, to children aged between 9 and 12. Each circulation comprises 525 000 copies. It is, most likely, the largest magazine for children in Sweden.
The aim of the magazine is to explain economic matters to children as well as adults, in a pedagogical and simplified manner. It is meant to be entertaining but at the same time educational for the children. Another aspect of the magazine is that it serves as a source of inspiration for teachers when they engage in educating children in matters related to economy and money.
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