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Community involvement in Estonia

Swed Bank in Estonia wishes to contribute to society's development through sponsorship, charity and philanthropy, by investing time, experience and funds. We focus on four areas which are critical to improve in Estonian society: Education, entrepreneurship, social coping and public health. The company's initiatives in social responsibility are becoming increasingly more important alongside classic sponsorship activities. This means that in addition to money, we also support good causes with the time and knowledge of our staff.

Education: Young Teachers to Schools – Teach First

Swed Bank and the Good Deed Foundation launched the Young Teachers to Schools programme in 2006 in order to guarantee sustainability in Estonian education and to help young leaders growth. All of the young people who participate in the programme are provided with innovative teacher- and leader training and a support network for two years. The skills and knowledge required for teaching give them the ability to lead any enterprise successfully in the future. Their decision to become teachers is the example we need to create a positive change in attitudes and in Estonian education and society.

Young Teachers to Schools


Entrepreneurship: Junior Achievement

Strong business needs encouraging examples and inspirational ideas. We want them to find each other as early as possible, so we teamed up with Junior Achievement to support the student company programme. The student company programme gives young people a great opportunity to peek into the world of business and get some exciting, risk-free experience. Establish your first company now!

Junior Achievement Estonia


Public health: Health Tracks

Through the Estonian Health Trails project, Swed Bank in Estonia, in cooperation with AS Merko Ehitus and Eesti Energia, has renovated more than 80 countryside exercise trails in different parts of the country. We believe that a nice jog in the forest or a refreshing ski round is the best relaxation after a long day. This is why we support the health tracks. There are currently more than 80 health tracks in Estonia and 50 of them are lit. These tracks are used almost 4 million times yearly.

Health Tracks

Social coping: Food Bank

In 2010, Swed Bank and the Estonian-Dutch Charity Fund created the first Food Bank in Estonia. There are an estimated 100,000 people in Estonia, including more than 20,000 children, for whom finding food is a daily struggle. However, a lot of quality food are left over in supermarkets, production companies and wholesale warehouses every week, which they are unable to sell. The goal of the Food Bank is to reduce food waste. A lot of good food left over in shops, that used to be destroyed, now goes to families in need that really need this support.

Food Bank


Donation portal: "I Love Helping"

This is the first internet bank related environment for collecting donations in the Baltic countries. The portal holds presentations of a selection of organizations that want to make life in Estonia better. All organizations are reliable, well functioning and well managed. They represent five areas – environment, children, health, families and foreign aid. Donating itself is easy and free of charge in the internet bank. Since the launch 4 years ago, 480 000 euro have been donated to 38 organizations. Besides financial support, Swed Bank supports the organizations through know-how sharing, mentoring and volunteering.

I Love Helping

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