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Swed Bank Logotype

Swed Bank is a registered trademark. The logo consists of two parts, a symbol and a word mark, which must never be separated. It is forbidden to modify the logo by trimming it, changing the colour or in any other way changing its original appearance.


When using our logo, please ensure that you respect the space around it.

Swed Bank logo

The logo must be inserted against a black or white background. If the background is of another colour, the logo must be inserted against a black or white box (the space around the logo must equal the size of the box).

Swed Bank logo Swed Bank logo

If several logos are presented one after another, the size of Swed Bank’s logo must be such that it is perceived as being as big as the others.Kontakt


Please do not hesitate to contact us for information and advice on using our logo:

Agencies and partners

If you are producing something together with Swed Bank, request log-in information to Swed Bank’s web based system, Swed Bank Brand Manager. Brand Manager has detailed guidelines on various types of productions and design elements can be downloaded.


You can download our logotype in recommended sizes by clicking the links: 
 75px width100 px width125 px width
Transparent background
White background
Black background

Linking to Swed Bank

Guidelines to use when linking to swedb.com

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