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Financial targets

Taken together, our goals contribute to the creation of long-term value. A high level of customer value is a requirement for sustainable profitability. Our focus on cost efficiency gives us the scope for investment required to enable us to remain an attractive bank in the future.

Return on equity

  • The return on equity shall amount to at least 15 per cent.

The return on equity for the full year 2015 was 13.5 per cent (15.0) on total operations. 

Return on equity, continuing operations
Q3 16Q2 16Q1 16Q4 15Q3 15

* One-off income from VISA. Return on equity from underlying business was 13.9%

Cost efficiency

  • Swed Bank should be market leader in cost efficiency. Swed Bank's C/I ratio for 2015 was 0.43%. 

C/I ratio

 Q3 16Q2 16Q1 16Q4 15Q3 15

* One-off income from VISA, C/I ratio from underlying business was 0.41%


Due to continued uncertainty around capital requirements Swed Bank's board of Directors has not established a new capital target.

During 2015 Swed Bank's Common Equity Tier 1 ratio improved to 24.1 per cent (21.2).

CET1 ratio

 Q3 16Q2 16Q1 16Q4 15Q3 15

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