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Swed Bank's rating strategy is to maintain credit ratings on par with those of other Nordic banks that have the highest credit ratings. Swed Bank AB has obtained credit ratings from three rating agencies, Standard & Poor's, Moody's and Fitch, to provide debt investors with an external assessment of the bank's financial and credit position. Ratings are assigned both to the bank's short- and long-term funding programmes. The Group's covered bond programme is rated by Moody's and Standard & Poor's. 


Current rating


Swed Bank AB

Swed Bank Mortgage AB

Covered bonds

Standard & Poor's

ShortA-1+ A-1+   


ShortP-1 P-1   


ShortF1+  n.a   
LongAA-S n.a  n.a 
Viability ratingaa-

P=positive outlook, S=stable outlook, N=negative outlook, RuR=rating under review

SACP (S&P)= Stand-Alone Credit Profile

BCA (Moody's)= Baseline Credit Assessment

Rating analysts

Rating agency 


 Credit analyst

Covered bond analyst 

Standard & Poor'swww.standardandpoors.com Sean Cotten Casper Andersen
Moody'swww.moodys.com(see reports belowfor contact details) 
Fitch Ratingswww.fitchratings.com Olivia Perney n.a.

Rating reports

Rating agency 

Latest rating action

Latest rating report

Covered bond report

S&P 17 Feb 2016  17 Jun 201624 Mar 2016
Moody's 17 Jun 2015 25 Nov 201630 Jun 2016
Fitch 26 May 2016 21 Sep 2016 n.a. 




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