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Annual General Meeting

The bank normally holds its Annual General Meeting (AGM) before the end of April. For information about the 2017 AGM, please see link below:

Annual General Meeting 2017

Information on the registration procedure will be published 4-6 weeks before the AGM in conjunction with the publication of the Notice convening the AGM. The Notice will be published in daily newspapers in Sweden and on this homepage. Registration can occur and applications to attend can be submitted, once the Notice has been published. Either via this website, or by phone, fax or letter in the manner specified in the Notice. 

Agenda items for AGM

Shareholders wishing to have an issue discussed at the Meeting must submit a written request to that effect to the Board of Directors. Any such requests must reach the Board no later than seven weeks before the Meeting. 

Voting rights

Common shares (A shares) entail voting rights, one vote per share. Swed Bank AB is not entitled to vote for the shares it holds at the General Meeting. 

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