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Welcome to Swed Bank

We promote a sound and sustainable financial situation for the many households and businesses.

Swed Bank's interim report for Q3 2016


Swed Bank's interim report for Q3 2016

The latest quarterly report is available now.


Financial Calendar


Financial Calendar

25 Oct 2016

Q3 Interim report Jan - Sep 2016


Benefits for Private Bank

Swed Bank has its roots in the Swedish savings bank movement, the history of which reaches back to 1820. The Savings Banks were founded for the purpose of contributing to increased prosperity and a more secure existence through financial planning. Swed Bank's business is still based on the same point of origin: we must promote a sound and sustainable financial situation for the many households and businesses. Are you in urgent need of getting insured, deal with the matters of a loan, hire purchase, is it time to rearrange your investment portfolio? We are here to help you. With a personal approach to everyone.

The key step of the whole package of Private Bank service is preparation of your personal finance plan. Professional consultants of our bank will draw an individual finance plan tailored according to your specific needs and future financial expectations. We can offer financial solutions also to your family members. Preparation of your personal finance plan starts from the discussion of your financial goals and analysis of the existing financial situation. Once we discuss your liabilities, family needs, assess risk tolerance and future expectations, we will prepare your personal finance plan and its implementation actions.

In focus

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    Swed Bank Stories

    Financial innovation is not about money, it is about people. Here you will find movies about some of our societal engagements.

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    We help society to grow

    Swed Bank is a major figure in the financial market and our size makes us systemically significant. As a significant part of the financial circulation system, we help society to develop and grow.

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    Trump win rattles the old order

    Read the latest updated version of Swed Bank’s macroeconomic forecast for Sweden and the major global economies.

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    We are always on the lookout for future colleagues willing to contribute to our culture of growth. We expect you to be open, caring and to strive to make the complex simple.

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