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Financing services

As one of Sweden’s largest banks, Swed Bank provides loans to all kinds of companies and institutions in Sweden and the region surrounding the Baltic. In many cases, this involves normal lending in the form of bank loans or cheque credits. However, as companies’ loan requirements increase, credits grow in size and become more complex. Swed Bank Markets employs a large number of specialists who deal with financing in various fields. Our principal task is to provide expertise on large or complex financing arrangements for Swed Bank's customers and part-owned or collaborating savings banks. Our operations are characterized by flexibility and an understanding of customers’ needs.

We deal with all kinds of financing arrangements. For example, the Acquisition Finance unit offers loan financing in connection with company acquisitions where the proportion of shareholders’ equity is minimized to ensure the highest possible returns. Through our Export and Project Financing team, we also act as a key partner to many Swedish export companies, which we support with customer financing around the world. Swed Bank Markets is a prominent participant in, and arranger of, syndicated loans and other kinds of financing through the Swedish and European capital markets.

We also offer advisory services and products for risk management in loan portfolios through various kinds of derivatives. Follow the links to read more about our various financing services. 

Leasing and Factoring

Acquisition & Project Finance

Export Finance

Marine Finance

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