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Asset management


Since its foundation in 1967, Swed Bank Robur has evolved from an equities-based fund manager in Sweden to a diversified international asset manager. Swed Bank Robur is one of the largest shareholders on the Stockholm Stock Exchange.

Swed Bank Robur's vision is to offer a broad spectrum of versatile savings products for the financial security and freedom of our customers. Today, one in three Swedes is a customer of Swed Bank Robur. While Swed Bank Robur's focus is Nordic, we’ve also diversified the offer to include high-performing regions like Eastern Europe, Russia and China – in addition to a wide and flexible range of savings products.

Market-leading in Scandinavia

Thanks to sound investments, favourable returns and a high level of integrity, Swed Bank Robur has today become one of the largest fund managers in the Nordic region. Although much has changed over the years, our vision remains the same – to offer products that improve the economic security and freedom of our customers.

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