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Customer value and sustainability are the core of our strategy

Happy people

Sustainable profitability enables us to meet customer demand for competitive bank services in both the short and long term. Our strategy aims to create sustainable value for customers, employees, shareholders and society.

Accessible full-service bank

We provide households, large and small businesses, and institutions with everything from basic transaction services to the most advanced advice. We are an inclusive bank with services and availability adapted to a variety of needs and behaviour. We offer efficient digital solutions that make it easy for customers to manage most of their financial needs themselves. More complex services that require advice are offered through direct contact with our employees. Our solutions and advice are firmly rooted in our purpose to promote a sound and sustainable financial situation.

Decision making close to our customers

Our offering is designed with customers in mind. All decisions are made as close to them as possible – without unnecessary lead times. Advisors and central development units are responsible for creating value for customers and shareholders. Since decisions are increasingly made using our self-service solutions, business acumen is required not only of our advisors with direct customer contact but also of those responsible for developing our offerings. This encourages our employees to be engaged, take responsibility and capitalise on opportunities for personal

Low risk

Swed Bank’s mortgages and other loans are financed through capital market funding. Low funding costs are the result of stable profitability in combination with high-quality lending and solid capitalisation – a prerequisite for winning the trust of the capital market and a benefit for all our stakeholders. Maintaining stable earnings over time requires not only a low risk level, where each borrower’s solvency, solidity and collateral are the determining factors, but also the ability to quickly adapt to changing customer behaviour and other market factors. Swed Bank shall maintain a sustainable balance between deposits and lending and aims to match all maturities. Our priority is sustainable growth.

High cost efficiency

External trends increase the importance of managing capital and expenses efficiently. Capital efficiency is achieved by employees who understand our customers and know what affects risk weighted assets and tied-up capital. It is also attained by developing products collaboratively at the Group
level. Our broad customer base gives us the economies of scale and opportunities to create cost-effective solutions with the help of new technology. We continuously adapt to external trends in order to do things better, more simply and more efficiently. To be a market leader in cost efficiency, we promote a corporate culture where all employees are well aware of and cautious with expenses. The more cost-effective we are, the more customer value we can create through greater investment opportunities.

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