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Historical photo of Gefle Sparbank

Our history

Swed Bank's history extends back as far as 1820 with the establishment of Swedens' first savings bank. Over the years, there have been many mergers and acquisitions that have resulted in the bank's current structure.

Our history is important. Our history is also a natural part of our future. Go back in time by following the timeline.
To the timeline

Heritage and history

Old Swed Bank-savingsbank logo

From savings bank to Swed Bank

Sweden’s first savings bank was founded in Gothenburg in 1820. Today we are an international group offering a full range of services for private and corporate customers.

Hansabank logo

Hansabank history

The history of the Hansabank group dates back to 1991. Since then, the bank now named Swed Bank, has grown to become the largest financial institution in the Baltic region.

Brand history

In the bank´s 200-year history, several symbols have been used, from the single linden tree and sheaves of grain to acorns, sails and todays coin with the traditional oak tree.

Swed Bank history movie

Financial innovation is not about money, it is about people. In this movie you will learn more about our business philosophy.

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