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About Swed Bank

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Our roots are firmly entrenched in Sweden’s savings bank history, the cooperative agricultural bank tradition and Hansabank’s major role in the Baltic countries. We serve everyone, from customers with basic needs to those who require advanced bank services. We work to develop close relationships with our seven million private customers and 600 000 corporate customers

As a major bank, we are a significant part of the financial system and play an important role in the local communities we serve. We are dedicated to helping our customers, our shareholders and society as a whole stay financially sound and sustainable.

By being attuned to the market, we stay competitive in the long term and create value. We will meet our stakeholders’ expectations and financial needs. High cost efficiency is crucial to continue developing a competitive offering. Swed Bank has, and will maintain, a robust balance sheet that can withstand swings in the business cycle. Evaluating and managing risks is part of what we do every day, and our broad customer base of individuals and companies in many different sectors spreads the risk while generating stable results with little fluctuation. Taken together, this creates value for customers, society, shareholders and employees

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Our history is important. Our history is also a natural part of our future. Read more about our history.

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In our Newsroom you will find news and information regarding Swed Bank. It will be presented in the format of press releases, videos, reports, presentations and blogs.

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