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Luxembourg house


We have been present in Luxembourg since 1973. We are represented by Swed Bank AB (publ) Luxembourg Branch and Swed Bank Management Company S.A. Swed Bank Management Company are providing a Fund hotel where we cooperate with Fund Services as well as managing risk, compliance and legal reporting from different kind of funds such as UCITS-, AIF- and SIF funds.

Swed Bank Luxembourg Branch offer foreign mortgages in France, Spain and Portugal via the Swedish Swed Bank branches.

Contact Foreign mortgages Anette Andersson

Contact Fund services Björn Möller

You will find more information at www.swedb.lu

Contact information

Swed Bank AB (publ) Luxembourg Branch  
Visiting address65 Boulevard GD Charlotte
Postal addressP:O Box 1305, L-1013 Luxembourg
Phone+352 40 49 401
Web addresswww.swedb.lu

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