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Swedish bank

Sweden is Swed Bank’s largest market, with over 4 million private customers and--  265 000 companies ranging from small businesses with a few employees up to midcorps with several thousands employees. This makes it Sweden’s largest bank in terms of customers. Through the 275 branches of Swed Bank, the 275 branches of the savings banks and a number of other related channels such as the Telephone Bank, Internet Bank and Mobile Bank, the bank is always accessible. By decentralising to give branch managers a strong - and growing - mandate, Swed Bank is part of the local community. The bank's social engagement is exemplified in various ways, including a project  called Young Jobs, which has created thousands of trainee positions for young people in recent years.  

Swed Bank has a leading position in several of Sweden’s most important market segments, including mortgage lending and private savings. Other important areas are cards and insurance.

Priorities 2013

To provide the branches and regions with even greater independence in their work with selected customer groups in their local markets, Swed Bank has implemented a reorganisation starting on 1 January 2013. The regional managers now report directly to the CEO and are members of the Group Executive Committee. A new unit, Channels & Concepts, has been formed to improve service in the Internet Bank, Telephone Bank and Mobile Bank. The head of Channels & Concepts is also a member of the Group Executive Committee.
The process of freeing up time for advice will continue in 2013. Much work has been devoted thus far to process efficiencies. In 2013 the customer experience will be an even greater focus.
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