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Large Corporates & Institutions

Large Corporates & Institutions has overall responsibility for Swed Bank's offering for large companies, financial institutions, organisations and banks with sales of over SEK 2 billion or to those with complex needs. Swed Bank works with a selective  part of this customer group. This includes multinationals or customers in need of advanced financing solutions. The business area is also responsible for delivering corporate and capital market products to Swed Bank’s retail operations and the customers of the Swedish savings banks.

The 450 customer of Large Corporates and Institutions play a significant role in society. As their strategic adviser, Swed Bank has an important function in helping them to make sensible long-term investment decisions. Large Corporates & Institutions is organised  in six sector teams of advisers with extensive industrial know-how and networks of contacts. Aside from the sector teams, the business area's product specialists work on the cutting edge in various financial areas such as Fixed Income, Trade Finance, Corporate Finance and Investment bank. Together, the sector and product specialists form customised client teams.

The business area has around 1 200 employees in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Riga, Vilnius, Tallinn, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Johannesburg, Shanghai, New York and Luxembourg.

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