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Asset Management

Asset Management comprises Swed Bank Robur and is active in all of Swed Bank’s home markets. With assets under management of about SEK 780bn, Swed Bank Robur is one of the largest owners on the Stockholm stock exchange. We offer over 140 funds as well as discretionary asset management, including management of pension capital.

The four million customers in its home markets include private customers, companies, institutions, municipalities, county councils, foundations and insurance companies. We are deeply committed to sustainability issues and are the Swedish leader in socially responsible investments. The goal is to find responsible industry leaders in environmental work and issues involving
human rights and social responsibility. Another important part of the investment process is corporate governance, where we, through our large ownership interests, have considerable responsibility and place rigorous demands on the companies we invest in. Ethical and environmental ssues are important aspects in this respect.

Swed Bank Robur has received environmental certification and signed the UN’s Principles for Responsible Investments.

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