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The Board of Directors


The Board of Directors has overarching responsibility for managing Swed Bank’s affairs in the interests of the bank and the shareholders. This will be done sustainably with a focus on the customer and sound risk taking to ensure the bank’s long-term survival and instil confidence amongst the bank’s stakeholders.

The Board consists of nine members elected by the AGM for one year. It also includes two employee representatives and their deputies in accordance with special agreements with the Financial Sector Union of Sweden and Akademikerföreningen.

The Board’s responsibilities and delegation of responsibilities

The Board sets financial goals and strategies; appoints, dismisses and evaluates the CEO; ensures that effective systems are in place to monitor and control operations and that laws and regulations are followed; and ensures that the information released is transparent and accurate.

The overarching responsibility of the Board cannot be delegated. On the other hand, the Board has committees that monitor, prepare and evaluate issues within their respective areas for resolution by the Board.

  • Risk & Capital Committee
  • Remuneration Committee
  • Audit Committee
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