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The CEO and Group Executive Committee

The President and CEO is responsible for managing Swed Bank's day to day operations in accordance with external regulations and within the framework set by the Board of Directors. The CEO represents the bank externally on various matters, leads the work of the Group Executive Committee and makes decisions after consulting its members.

The Group Executive Committee comprises of:
  • the President and CEO of Swed Bank
  • the CFO, Group Chief Financial Officer
  • the CRO, Group Chief Risk Officer
  • the CCO, Group Chief Compliance Officer
  • the CIO, Group Chief IT-Officer
  • the Head of Group Treasury
  • the Head of Group HR
  • the Chief Legal officer
  • the Head of Northern region in Sweden
  • the Head of Central region in Sweden
  • the Head of Stockholm region in Sweden
  • the Head of Western region in Sweden
  • the Head of Eastern region in Sweden
  • the Head of Southern region in Sweden
  • the Head of Swedish bank
  • the Head of Baltic bank
  • the Head of Large Corporates & Institutions
  • the Head of Strategic Analysis and M&A
  • the Head of Group Savings
  • the Head of Group Lending & Payments

The Group Executive Committee normally meets once a month.

The CEO also has a Senior Management Forum (SMF), a discussion forum for implementation and coordination of strategically important issues in the Group. The CEO evaluates the composition of the SMF to ensure that it has the right combination of competence and experience. The SMF usually includes the heads of the business areas and regional managers. The CEO is responsible for evaluating other senior executives and ensuring that the Group has a strategy for competence management.

The Group also includes an Group Asset Allocation Committee, which deals with issues concerning the balance sheet, liquidity and financial risk; a Group Risk and Compliance Committee; and a Group Remuneration Committee, which drafts proposals for remuneration systems and recommends variable remuneration for employees to the Board’s Remuneration Committee.



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